Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7702 - pat haven

To: the goat herd
Subject: 7702 - pat haven
Date: Tue 3 Mar 2009 18:33:32 -0600 

offerin to hep owt wit this hare chaireetable fowndaeshun iz sum varee spashell peepull hoo haz joined the grewp az bowrd uv deeraktorz, spanserz and soupourterz. hour neuwest chaireetable fowndaeshun membarz er:

battey whiate


bobb barkerr


dawkter pol


hare is a publik werks projack that we awl dun deed resently that wuz begunned by


(oberhasli goat) . . .


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"   wvdeuw@yahoo.com

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 08:24:37 -0800 (PST)
To: Kittie Klaus V.M.D. (Vetterienareun Mounten Dockter fur tha Kritterz)
Subject: kritter kare

deer lil ms kittie,

you dunt knowz me nun bet my


knowz this 
hare feller 
by the 
name of 



hoo knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz 



hoo dun adoptad a freindly bobkat frum ya two keeps awl the mices and varmints owt of his barn.

now "goober" was a telden granee that you was in need of a biggar bilden two bitter takes kare of awl the kritterz awl the time. i messt say that i greetly edmire the werks that you iz a dewin. it takes a mitee spashell pearsun two kare four kritterz in need.

the boyz and me wood bee rite prowed two bild you up a rite smart kritter shelltar four you. we ken bee over thare in yer areea own saterday ferst thang in the mornin. we has gottin reel handee wit bilden konstrukshun wit sew manny publik werks projacks that we has dun in the pest 6 monthes.

cencerelee deuw



From: Kittie Klaus V.M.D. (Vetterienareun Mounten Dockter fur tha Kritterz)
Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 4:83pm
To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"   wvdeuw@yahoo.com

Subject: RE: kritter kare

Dare Deuw,

I jest ken nut Thenk U a nuff fur awl yer hep en bilden thus hare bewtafull bilden. Everbuddy iz jest sew en awe uv awl thet U n yer Boyz akomplesht en jest a kupple uv dayz. Amazen!!!

Wit tha Holeedayz jest passt, awl uv tha Dawgz n Kats n Chikenz (tha Ducks n Geesez dun got owt uv thare Koop n flu Sowth fur tha Wenter) n Hogz n Goats n Steerz n Kamewlz n Horsez n Mewlz dun fownd new 




Bet I steel em haven a diffeekult time placen a few uv tha moor Unusuwall Kritterz.

They awl iz two tame two tern loost en tha Hillz now sew I iz a gessin thet I maybee kepin tham awl rite hare et tha Haven n opin ep a 

Patten Zew 
fur awl tha Famileez n sech two injoy. We awl iz konciderin maybee bilden ep a 
PikNik Areea 
alawng side et sewz two make 
a Festave Day 
uv Fun fur EverBuddy.

Unusuwall Kritterz.JPEG

Thes hare place haz bekomed sew populair thet tha 
Kowntee Kammission Offace 
dun put en Tha Rode owt back uv tha Haven two hep wit awl tha traffek. 
Hour ownly kuncern wit Tha Rode iz thet et iz 
a dry kreek bed 
bet We figerz thet whin We haz a time uv high watter than EverBuddy ken jest ride own down hare en thare 
Kanooz n Botes n sech.

Pat Haven.JPEG

By tha By. Werd shure a nuff gits rownd reel kwik like. Yer bilden haz bekomed tha tawk uv Krockett Kornerz. Now We dun bin kontacted by sum organeezashun kawled tha SPCA. We awl iz gessin thet mest stands fur Spashell Peepullz hue takes kare uv awl tha Cerplus Aneemalz.

Thes hare SPCA werks et takin kare uv Kritterz awl sew jest likes We awl dew n They wants Us two join ep wit Tham. Seemz like a mittee good Grewp uv Peepullz. Ternz owt thet they awl haz sew manny Kritterz thet they jest ken nut takes kare uv tham awl sew they dun askt us two hep tham owt wit sum uv thare Kritterz n fur dewin thet they well post hour infurmaeshun own thare anternut site. Hare iz a pik uv tha Kewt Kritterz thet they dun gived two us.

Kewt Kritterz.JPEG

Kittie Klaus V.M.D.
(Vetterienareun Mounten Dockter fur tha Kritterz) 


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"   wvdeuw@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 18:17:54 -0800 (PST)
To: Kittie Klaus V.M.D. (Vetterienareun Mounten Dockter fur tha Kritterz)
Subject: re: RE: kritter kare

deer lil ms kittie,

glade two hare thet yer place has bekomed sew poopuliar. the boyz and me is rite prowed two have bin abell two hep you owt wit yer bilden.

hare iz a chack two heps owt wit the kare and feedin uv awl yer new arrivellz.


cencerelee deuw


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how d duew

candrats on yur publik werks projacks.


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