Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4884 - medikale klinik

To: the goat herd
Subject: 4884 - medikale klinik
Date: Wed 18 Feb 2009 17:48:27 -0600

well now. i jest ken nut beeleeve how bizee this hare chaireetable fowndaeshun haz beekomed four a dewin publik werks projacks. werd shore nuff duz git round a reel kwick like.

n offerin to hep owt wit this hare chaireetable fowndaeshun iz sum varee spashell peepull hoo haz joined the grewp az bowrd uv deeraktorz, spanserz and soupourterz. hour neuwest chaireetable fowndaeshun membarz er: 

kaven kostnerr


duh govenater

the familee and me iz a rite prowed two bee abell two cher hour milleonz and a hep owt wit sew manee kommuniteez. hare iz a rekwest that wuz dun cent in by 



(boer meet goat).


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw" 
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 10:53:28 -0800 (PST)
To: Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D. (Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz)
Subject: medikale klinik

hay thare messtar dawkter md. 
you dunt knowz me nun bet

grate grate 

iz a reel good freind of 



and she knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz 



hoo dun saw yer weddin anounsment two 



in the 

ferst awf, kongradulaeshuns on yer upkomin weddin.

now we dun herd that you iz a starten up sum kind of a medikale klinik. aint that jest a sum thang now. we aint never had nothang like that owt hare in theez parts.

it iz a rite shaim that i caint a bee thare two hep owt wit yer bilden konstrukshun bet i iz a reel bizee werkin on sew manee new projacks four this hear chaireetable fowndaeshun that i haz a goin on. why i iz bizeer than a chickin in a grasshooper patch.

bet i wood likes two hep ware i ken sew hares a check four 500 dawlerz two kick thangs awf and git yer bilden dun up rite.

deuw check 4884.jpg

cencerelee deuw 


From: Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D. (Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz)
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 3:48pmTo: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw" 
Subject: RE: medikale klinik

Hay Thare Mizder Deuw,

Thenks fer riten. Sinsen Ya dunt knowz Me nun neether, hares a lil backgrownd infermashun . . .

I em frum Thu Big City bet 

Ms Edath

wuz borned n raized owt hare in Jazzper Gulch n dint wont two move nun.  
Me n my

Fiezishun Assestint 

Stevin-Jamez Kylee Browlen

diskovered rite awf thet thare iz nut much kneed fer Dockterin in theze parts cuz everbuddy iz sew heelthy n sinsen We dun haz tham thare Natcherawl Hot Sprangs neer by, We awl decited thet We kould bee usen hour Medikal Trainen by starten up 
a High Klass Spa Reezort n Reelacksaeshun Retreet





n inviten thu Owt-Uv-Townerz two comez own over hare n takes thu Kure.

Hares a kopey uv thu Full Payge Advertizemant thet We dun placet in thu Gazette n sum udder paperz:

Klinik Reezort.JPEG

Now, Thenk Ya kindley fer thu jenneress Chack. I shore a nuff dew apreeshiate Yer hep. I iz sew serprized how manny expandichurez air konnected two runnin this hare Spa Reetreet. Sinsen We awl reddy dun gots a bunch uv thu bildin dun, We dun used Yer Donaeshun Chack fer two bie us won uv thoze 
Mikro-Sane Fillterz 
two kleen owt awl uv thu BowlFrog Tadpollz thet keeps a hatchin in thu Seemant Pond. Man oh man, I am a tellin Ya now thet tham thare BowlFrogs iz sew prolifick. We jest dunt reely kneed no moor BowlFrogs rite now - We dun still gots a hole tank full uv growed BowlFrogs frum lest seezun (We dun use tham thare Leggs az a
Restirawnt - 
thet iz Ms Edaths deepartmint. Thet Gerl ken shore a nuff kook ep sum grate Vittles). Bet sinsen tham thare Tadpollz jest keeps a hatchin, than I gess thet we whale finds a use fer tham - maybee offar a Two-fer-Won deel durin Happie Howr at thu 

We dun bilt thu Seemant Pond a wayz back when durin Faze 3 uv Konstrukshun sew az two kollect up awl uv thu Hot Minerall Watter thet komes a spoutin owt uv thu side uv Nobbie Bawld Mounten. EverBuddy jest sew injoyz taken a Hot Soake in tham thare Natcherawl Minerall Watterz.

Seemant Pond.JPEG

We jest resently finished up thu bilden uv Faze 47 uv Konstrukshun witch iz a HoeTell owt own thu Gulf Korce. Ever sinsen thu beginnen uv this hare Reetreet, sew manny Peepullz head rekwested thet We plant sum uv thu akerage in Pasture Grass sews thet They awl ken hit thoze lil wite Gulf Aggs ento holez in thu grownd - whutaver!!! I aint never takin much two thet game uv Gulf bet ifn it drawz thu Peepullz in than We figered thet We should akomodate Tham.

Gulf Korce HoeTell.JPEG

Pleez feelz welkome two kome own over n viezett a spell. Maybee git a Messawge wit Big Gertie's Krew. N thu Appull Sider Pardee Rewm iz awl wayz opin ;-)

Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D.
Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:24:57 -0800 (PST)
To: Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D. (Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz)
Subject: re: RE: medikale klinik

that duz shure nuff look like a rite high dawler ekspeareance. i wishes you awl the beast uv luck in awl yer endayvourz.

cencerelee deuw

by the by. yer gang deed a mite nice job on that thare landskapen.


From: Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D. (Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz)
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 8:43pmTo: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"

Subject: RE: re: RE: medikale klinik

I dun gots thu ideer fer thu bilden frum my 

Cuzin Dr. Jullien Kristien Troy 
n hiz Pardner 
Dr. Dillen Shawn MackNeemarie
whu awl livez owt own thu West Koast in sum place kawled LA (They duz sum kind uv Dockterin whare They duz surgerie own plasticks kawled Nip n Tuck bet I em nut eggzaktelly kwite shore bout whut awl thet They iz a dewin). I deed my inturnship werkin in thu ER wit 
Dr. Dawgless Ross Klooney
at Kounty Jennerawl Howspedal in Chikago n than fenished my residancy studyen Graze Annatomy wit 
 Dr. Pattrick Derrek Sheepherd-Dempssey
whu iz thu Head uv Neurosergerie at Seattle Grace Howspedal in Wershington State.

U head mantioned thet yer Grannee wuz a kneedin sum Hip Reeplacin Sergerie (She shore a nuff sownds like a mitee spreye Lady fer been 100 yers owled). Brang her own over hare n I wood bee prowed two fix Her rite up. Y'all ken jest stay rite hare at thu Spa Retreet wile she iz a reekooperaten. Now dunt ya wary nun bowt thu kost now. Fer U n yer hole Familee n awl thu otters whu dun hept bild this hare place, Y'all ken jest kome own over n injoy thu Luckjuryus Faesilliteas fer FREEE, thets rite No Chairge. I whale leeve werd wit 


thet Y'all er my Guests.

I em grately beeholden two U fer awl yer Hep n Advise!!!

Dockter Markus Wellabee M.D.
Mounten Dockter fer thu Peepullz


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