Thursday, January 15, 2009

5864 - stowrem shellter

To: the goat herd
Subject: 5864 - stowrem shellter
Date: Thu 15 Jan 2009 17:53:30 -0600

hare is won of the publik werks projacks that we dun did lest sumer and all us with the chaireetable fowndaeshun found two bee sew much fun and a reel enteristen akompleshmint. 

n offerin to hep owt wit this hare chaireetable fowndaeshun iz sum varee spashell peepull hoo haz joined the grewp az bowrd uv deeraktorz, spanserz and soupourterz. hour neuwest chaireetable fowndaeshun membarz er:

thu Kast uv Andee Greffats 

Baill n Haillaree Klanton  

Jimmee Karter n hiz Habietat four Humainatee

this hear rekwest wuz begunned by



(tennassee fainten goat or sum peepulls kawlz him myotonic wooden leg goat) . . .


From: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008 5:37am
To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: Stowrem Shellter

You dunt knowz Me nun bet my




knowz Sumbuddy hew knowz Sumbuddy hew iz a reel good Freind uv a Feller name uv 



hew playz Dawnkee Baskitbawl wit yer

 twin grendsunz 

Beuw-Deen end 


I iz tha Chereef over hare en Haskel Flatts. A few yeerz back hour Skewl Bus dun lost et's tranzmishun sew tha biggerd kidz pusht tha Bus round tha route til tha end uv tha Skewl Yeer hopin thet we kould kollect up enuff money two git er fixed. Long stowree showrt, thet never deed happin beefour tha ingeen blue.

Sinsen we haz no krime out hare en theez parts, tha Depadee end Me alwayz haz time fer extree projacks sew when tha hole Kommunitee head a meatin bout whut two dew wit thet thare perfecktlee good Skewl Bus end et wuz decited thet we awl showed use tha Skewl Bus fer a Stowrem Shellter, than tha Depadee end Me dun berried thet thare Skewl Bus nixt two tha Pullice Staeshun.

Stowrem Shellter.JPG

Fer tha pest few yeerz et workt reel handy fer wind stowrems end such. Et seets Everbuddy en tha hole Kommunitee reel komfertable like. Ekceptin last Sprang whin tha Haskalewkee River overflowed ets banks than we awl retreeted two Rupert Hooliganz party barge. 


Bet whin tha River flewded this hole area thet thare Skewl Bus Stowrem Shellter dun got awl fillt up wit mud end silt end sludge end sech end whin I went two diggen awl thet mess owt uv tha Bus I fownd thet awl uv tha Duck Tape on tha vinyl seats head ternt moldy end tha entereor uv tha Bus wuz awl rewnt. My whut a shame. Et wuz a toetell lose.

My Depadee Barney DePew wuz a telden Me thet You dun begunned sum kind uv Chaireetable Fowndaeshun dewin awl kinds uv Publik Werks Projacks. Iz thare any kind uv hep thet You ken gave Us fer fixin this hare Skewl Bus Stowrem Shellter fer tha protackshun uv tha Kommunitee? Any thang thet You ken dew wood bea mowest greetly appreesheeted. Thenk Ya kindly fer konciderin hour rekwest.

Sentsearly, Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 09:22:14 -0800 (PST)
To: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: re: Stowrem Shellter

me and the boyz ken bee on over thare two haskel flatts on nixt twozday the 26th two chick out the area and sea what we ken due two fix y'all up.

cencerelee deuw


From: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008 6:54am
To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: RE: re: Stowrem Shellter

Thenks fer exspandin hour vishun far beyond a simpull Stowrem Shellter end kreatin sech a beautifull Kommunitee Senter fer awl tha Famileez en tha area two injoy. Et wuz kinda like watchin thet thare feller by tha name uv Tye Pendlington dew a Extreem MackOver. 

"Moove thet Bus. 
Moove thet Bus. 
Moove thet Bus."

Thet shure nuff wuz a grate ideer thet You head whin You suggested inkluden a Stabell fer Everbuddeez Aneemallz - usualley, whin et stowremz, the Aneemallz jest high tale et on ep two higher ground bet now We ken sea thet they wood bee mech safer et tha Kommunitee Senter. End dafinitely eezeer two sert owt agen whin tha stowrem dun passes by. We decited two keep tha Livery Stabell opin Yeer rownd fir









Tha Awdeetorium well werk greet fer









no tellin whut awl else Sumbuddy mite thenk up.
We jest kould nut have dun awl this hare wit out Yer hep. Thenks agen!!!

Sentsearly, Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 11:23:54 -0800 (PST)
To: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: re: RE: re: Stowrem Shellter

well now i iz rite prowed that we awl kould hep y'all wit yer bilden. we shore nuff deed have us sum grate timez bilden that thare kommunitee senter and livery stabell. 


showed up sayen that he had had a dreem vishun bout what we shoud be a maken why then everthang jest took awf. it was moor fun wrastelin round in that thare mud mixen it awl tagether wit straw and makin them bricks baked out in the sun. everthang went sew eezee with sew many peepulz helpin and werkin tagether that we awl jest got sew karried away with the bilden. it was trulee amazen that we got sew much akompleshed in jest two dayz.

cencerelee deuw


From: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 7:07am

To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: RE: re: RE: re: Stowrem Shellter

Lest Nite tha hole Kommunitee head a meatin bout Yer ideer fer addin winderz end dowerz two tha Senter. We deed have Us kwite tha Debait a goen on.


wuz thare eksplanin agen bout how hiz Ansesters bilt Kliff Dwellinz en tha lawng time ago. Hiz thinken wuz thet no winderz er dowerz ware needed sincen tha Komplex awl reddy faces Sowth. Bet most Folks ware agreein wit Yer ideer fer tha addishanell Safety end Protackshun frum tha Wether by usen moor Modern Tecknawlogee and biyen sum Glass two make winderz. Tha finelle voat wuz 27 fer et and 25 agen et. Reel klose bet winderz et iz.

Sentsearly, Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 10:48:44 -0800 (PST)
To: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: re: RE: re: RE: re: Stowrem Shellter

pls except the encl check four biyen winder gullass. 

deuw check 5864.jpg

sorree i caint make it back on over thare two hep bet i dun have manee moor obliegashuns with this hear chaireetable fowndaeshun sinsen thare iz sew manee peepulz in need nowadaez. 
why i iz bizeer than a mewlz tale in a swaerm of fliez. 
y'all shood nut have any trubell makin framez fer the dowerz and winderz. i trest that y'all well have it awl dun in no time at awl. 

cencerelee deuw


From: Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy
Date: Thursday, September 11, 2008 3:13pm
To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
cc: Depadee Barney DePew
Subject: RE: re: RE: re: RE: re: Stowrem Shellter

Thenks sew match fer tha Check. Yer Generowsity haz bin sech a grate help. You wuz sew rite bout framin tha dowerz end winderz - et wuz a reel eezee projack end Everbuddy iz rite prowed uv tha way thet tha hole thang terned out. Thawt I wood sand Ya a pic uv tha finisht Kommunitee Senter:

Kommunitee Senter.JPG

Sentsearly, Chereef LeeRoy MacCoy

By tha By. Sinsen You dun diskovered them thare Kaves et tha East side uv tha Senter We awl haz head sew mech fun exploorin. Rock Klimben thu kliffs haz bekomed reel populiar awl sew. Wit sew manie aktiviteez a goin on now, We awl dun decidted thet nixt Sprang We iz goin two opin up tha top levils uv tha Senter as a Bedz end Breekfast fer awl tha Visiterz.


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Anonymous said...

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:59:07 -0800
shannaC wrote:

You're too funny! when do you have time to do these? My mind just doesn't think this way...Hummm that says something about your ancestors! :)

scottE-deuw said...

January 16, 2009 12:45:35 PM CST
scotte-deuw wrote:

heya shanna!!! glade you iz injoyen awl this hear kraziness!!!

the hole deuw story has evolved over the past year. i call it "the 21st century global adventures of deuw."

most of the folk who know 'bout my writin of this hear story klaim that i "jest have way two match free time on my hands." which, i guess, is true. but there are a hole lot of things i kould dew wit my free time sew i chooze two drink shine wit deuw and rite 'bout awl his eskapaidez. plus i watch rerunz of "the beverly hillbillies" over and over agen. it haz bin a hole lot of fun.

it iz awl 'bout the komedy of kontradikshun - dewen the opposite of what otherz ekspect and katchen them awf gard. sech as the skewl bus stowrem shellter. whare deed that kome frum??? it jest started wit a ideer and took awf frum their. evolvin into a kliff dwellin that even reed hawk's ansesterz wood bee prowed of. i'm shore that my ansesterz iz klaimen that they dunt know me nun . . .

cencerelee, scotte-deuw