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7352 - feedin thu hungree

To: the goat herd
Subject: 7352 - feedin thu hungree
Date: Mon 29 Dec 2008 17:32:06 -0600 

offerin to hep owt wit this hare chaireetable fowndaeshun iz sum varee spashell peepull hoo haz joined the grewp az bowrd uv deeraktorz, spanserz and soupourterz. hour neuwest chaireetable fowndaeshun membarz er:

The Hooterville Trilogy Histearikal Sociatee: 
The Beverly Hillbillies, 
Green Acres and 
Petticoat Junction 




amareken idoll

hare iz the stowree of anutter won of the publik werks projacks that we got dun afour thenksgaven. this hear rekwest wuz sent in by


(toggenburg goat) . . .


Date: Wednesday 29 Oct 2008 7:14am
From: Jedadiah and Hattie Lou Krendahl
To: Reverand Ray Dempshun
Subject: Seeder Ridge Vittles Pantree Rekwest

Deer Pasture Ray,

No buddy likes awl that danged blessted
Everbuddy awl reddy dun has there own Goats fer maken Cheeze n Yogert n Soap n Sech. Everbuddy got plentee of Greenz n Yarbs two pick out in thu hillz. Everbuddy razes there own Chikenz n Hogz. What iz needed iz jest sum basicks like 

Flowr n 

Kawfee n 

Suger n 

Tabackee n 


Whue due I kontact two git that Govermint Cheeze stoppt. It ain't werth nothen. Evin the Hogz wont ate it.

Sinsearly, Hattie Lou Krendahl


Date: Friday 31 Oct 2008 7:23pm
From: Reverand Ray Dempshun
To: Jedadiah and Hattie Lou Krendahl
Subject: RE: Seeder Ridge Vittles Pantree Rekwest

Deer Sizter Hattie Lou,

Why bless yer hart. I well esk 




bout awl that cheeze thang.

Yerz twogetter in Hiz servace,
Reverand Bruther Ray Dempshun


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:51:37 -0800 (PST)
To: Jedadiah and Hattie Lou Krendahl
Subject: FWD: ken yer chaireetable fowndaeshun hep owt wit this hear

deer mester and missez krendahl,

you dunt knowz me nun bet 


iz a reel good freind of 


and she knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz sumbuddy hoo knowz of this hare cherch ladee freind of yers name of




i wood like two kummend y'all on awl yer good werks. i thenks that we awl ken hep ya out sum wit the suppliez that you iz a needin fer yer vittles pantree.

i iz in the pracess of kollectin up sum kwantiteez of awl them basicks that you wuz a needin. i well have ever thang reedy fer deeliverie by next wensday and brang it on over two you on thurzday.

cencerelee deuw


Date: Monday 1 Dec 2008 8:37am
From: Jedadiah and Hattie Lou Krendahl
To: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"
Subject: Thenk ya kindlee

Deer Misder Deuw,

Blessins two U. Whin U camed a driven up thu hill wit yer matchen Mewl teem a pullin that there fancee Wagin awl lowded down wit awl them Suppleyes whi we jest dint know what two thenk. Awl thu Suppleyes that U branged wuz trulee a Blessin. Then whin U started in a tawken bout bilden a new Vittles Pantree, whi it wuz awl mowest moor than my hart kould take. Themz wuz trulee




Thu Thenksgavin Vittles Destreebewshun wuz a Grande Sukcess.

Thenks agen fer thu sevin Pack Mewls. 

They werked sew good fer maken awl them there Delivereez.

We named that spotted mewl Ridgeena.

She iz thu smartest of thu hole herd n thu most shure footed fer shure. After we had maid thu ferst few Sekret Delivereez, I notised that whin we gots bout a hunnerd yardz away than Ridgeena wood let out a good ole bray sorta like two tellz thu reesipiants "Hee-Haw Serprize!!!" Ain't that jest sum thang now. Ridgeena knew a nuff that them Vittles needed two git awf thu Front Porch reel kwick like afour thu Kougers n Mounten Lienz n thu Barez got two them (Thats won lessin that we dun lernt thu hard way).

U shure nuff had a grate ideer whin U added on thu Barn-Leen-Two fer thu Mewls two stay in. Why no buddy in hour neck uv thu woodz ever seed sech a thang. Now my Husbend Jedadiah dun painted thu Mewl Shed hiz mowest faverite collor uv Barn Red.

Vittles Pantree.JPG

Now we iz fixin two werk on hour Sekret Santa Progrem fer Kristmus. Everbuddy on Seeder Ridge iz sew tickelled maken awl kinds uv toyz fer thu Lil Wons, putten Vittle Baskits twogetter fer thu pour famileez and praktasin singen fer Karrollin. Kristmus iz sech a grate time uv thu Yeer fer brangen Peepul kloser twogetter.

Kome thu ferst uv the Yeer, awl us 


iz goin to dew sum thang that we dun lernt frum BaBa Woolterz on that TV progrem kawled Thu Veuw. We iz plannen on gettin twogetter ever mornen fer 

Bibell Studee n 

Kawfee Klatch

 n than kookin up 

Lunchez n 

Dinerz n Sech

n starten a "Meelz On Mewlz" progrem 

fer awl uv thu oldered fowlks whue iz Kaben bownd fer thu Wenter. Thu list fer Voluntears iz growen everday. It trulee worms my hart that Everbuddy iz sew apt two Helpin Otherz.

Sinsearly, Hattie Lou Krendahl


By the by. Thenk ya kindly fer them there fower jugs uv



That stuff shure nuff worms a Bodeez Sole. Awl us Cherch Ladeez haz takin two purren Shots uv it in hour Kups uv Kawfee ever Mornin fer Bibell Studee n we haz sew mulch fun 

Studeein thu Werd n

Lawfen n

Preyin n 

Joken Rownd n  

Singen Himz n  

Kutten Up n Sech.


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw" 
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 14:22:57 -0800 (PST)
To: Jedadiah and Hattie Lou Krendahl
Subject: RE: Thenk ya kindlee

deer lil ms hattie lou,

glade two hare that awl yer good werks iz katchen on. wonce the miend gits an ideer fer hepin otherz and ya akt upon that ideer than otherz git infekted wit the joy of given and moor and moor good gits dun.

pls except the encl check two jemp staert yer "Meelz On Mewlz" progrem and git ever thang off two a rite smaert staert.

deuw check 7352.jpg

cencerelee deuw


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