Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 - tis the seesun ya know

To: the goat herd

Subject: 2008 - maree christmus

Date: Mon 22 Dec 2008 
17:25:23 -060 

y'all have bin cent a christmus wishez messedge frum deuw n thu creuw n hour neuwest chaireetable fowndaeshun membarz: 

Foewrastt Gummp

Marree Heartmen, Marree Heartmen,_Mary_Hartman

KoewBouy Kertuss


the familee and me wood like two sand y'all this hare veree spashell messedge

we hopes that everbuddy injoys a varee maree christmus and we wishez awl the bestest wishez four the new yeer.

tis the seesun ya know. i have fownd that given chaireetable kontribueshunz iz awl wayz a "feelz good" kinda way fer sharen christmus joy. sum of my favorite chaireeteez iz:

st. jewd chillenz reeserch howspedal in mamphis, tn
they duz amazen thangs werkin medikal mirakles

kal farleez boyz ranch in
ameriller, teksus
the staff at this hare ranch 
heps kidz acheeve their highest potenshell

suezanne gee koalman fer thu kure
provadin werld-wide reesearch, owtreach, advokacee n medikal programmez

the salvaeshun army is alwayz good
and toyz fer tots
and own the lowkal level, most ever place that ya lives has sum kinda food bank thats awl wayz is in need.

the list iz endless. their iz manny manny possabelliteez. i wood like two enkourage you two chek round yer area and sea what katchez yer attentshun.

ever lil thang helps.
don't have two bee no big thang.
jest try it wonce and i thenks that you well git hookt two.

well now.





haz bin at her mitee kraftee fancee arts stuff agaen sew i thawts that i wood sand y'all a kopee uv the christmus kard that she dun maid up fer this yeer . . .

2008 card.jpg

maree christmus y'all and a hapee new yeer.
cencerelee deuw 

by the by. i have maid a donaeshun in yer onner two 
kal farleez boyz ranch 
in ameriller, teksus


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lew dite - Christmas 2008 (At Home For Christmas Day)


Anonymous said...

Dec 23, 2008, at 8:57 AM
biker mama wrote:

Funny you should mention charitable contributions to the local food bank…guess what I did in everyone’s name?? ha

scottE-deuw said...

December 23, 2008 11:18:37 AM CST
scotte-deuw wrote:

thanks four the contribution to the food bank. that is sew kool. i've herd from kwite a few others that also make various charitable contributions. of course, your involvement in the MS bike-a-thon every year is way more impressive than me jest written checks. WAY TO GO lil sis!!!

and speekin uv food banks, the story that deuw sends out next week iz about his pre-Thenksgavin involvemint in bilden up the Seeder Ridge Vittles Pantree and Destreebewshun Offace with a group of Cherch Ladeez. i hope it well bee anutter OMG momint fer ya.