Saturday, November 15, 2008

18 - now you're talking‏

To: the goat herd
Subject: 18 - now you're talking‏
Date: Sat 15 Nov 2008 16:40:53 -0500

make sure that you read ALL the way to the END of this message for a surprise link . . .


Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:11:42 +0200

To: "erbudee jist kawl mee deuw"
Subject: RE: Requested Assistance

Dear Deuw,

Unfortunately we have encountered considerable difficulty in understanding your last message. 

We are quite unsure 

of your meaning and 

simply could not make 

any sense of your wording.

So we are availing ourselves to the assistance of our




who will be contacting you shortly.


Mr. Ulysses W. Claremore


Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 11:42:25 +0200

From: "Genavieve Louisa Groetemilska"
To: "erbudee jist kawl mee deuw"
Subject: Introduction

Greetings. My name is Genavieve Louisa Groetemilska.


but am currently working in the United Kingdom field office with Mr. Claremore. He has asked me to assist in the translation and clarification of your information concerning Mr. Jon W. Kertuss. I am multi-lingual - I am proficient in French, German, Italian, and of course Russian and English.


From: "everbuddee jest kawlz me deuw"

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 14:56:38 -0800 (PST)
To: "Genavieve Louisa Groetemilska"
Subject: Re: Introduction

hay thare. that thare shore nuff iz sum kind uv name that u dew have thare. i caint even began two try two pernounce such a name as yers n my grate grandson skeeter-deen aint hare rite now two pernounce it four me sew i guess i jest best call u gennie-lou ifn that iz awl rite wit u.

i dunt think that i ritelee know whut awl that thare werd meenz a talken bout ling gwells. 

grannee hare sez that werd wood bee pernounced lingulls.

my grandson steuw-deen sez it iz lingles.

my dawter seuw-deen n her twin boys beuw-deen n darel likes the werd ling gwisticks.

whin my grate grandson skeeter-deen dun got back to the kabin n he thawt on it sum, hiz reckonen iz that it iz kind uv like lieguemes

my grate grate grand-dawter klaircie-jeen thinks maybee the werd iz ling gweenee. whutever that meenz. 

i am a thinkin that i iz gonna go with skeeterz enterprataeshun uv thet thare werd uv yerz. after awl he iz the smart won uv the bunch. he gits awl uv hiz thinkin intwo-ishun frum hiz jipsee maw. she wuz a foreignar woman by the name uv mareea-kalzalmoff. aneehoo, sew u waz a talken bowt lieguemes.

how deed u ever learn bout sew many kinds uv beans. u must bee sum sort uv ekspert knowen bout awl them thare 

fancee beans kawled


n germane

n italeun

n rushen

n engleesh.

i aint never growed nun uv them kinds uv beans. deed u grow up learnen bout awl them thare beans
in the hill 
uv that 

i dew reallee take a liken two the notion that u jest mite bee a farm girl hoo speshellizes in growen sew many fancee kinds uv beans.

cencerelee deuw


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People of the South Wind


the lyrics can be found in the "comments" section.


scottE said...

People of the South Wind

There are some who can still remember
All the things that we used to do
But the days of our youth were numbered
And the ones who survive it are few
Oh I can still see the smiling faces
When the times were so good
All in the old familiar places
I'd go back if I could

To the People of the South Wind
To the People of the Wind
To the People of the Southern Wind
To the People of the South Wind
I got to be there again
To the People of the Southern Wind

Well, it's a hard thing to face the music
But it's something everybody has got to do
So I hope that I can always remember
All the crazy times we had to go through
Now it's a dream that is slowly fading
Oh I don't want it to go
All of the memories are evading
And I want you to know

It's the People of the South Wind
It's the People of the Wind
It's the People of the Southern Wind
It's the People of the South Wind
I got to be there again
It's the People of the Southern Wind

Now we've traveled all across the oceans
And we've seen what there is to see
But I guess it's not the proper solution
Cause it's all about the same to me
Now I look back and it makes me wonder
Why we just couldn't see
All of the battles we fought and won there
Oh I wish that I could be

With the People of the South Wind
With the People of the Wind
With the People of the Southern Wind
With the People of the South Wind . . .
I want to see 'em again . . .
It's where we used to be free . . .
And that's the place for me . . .
It's just a state of my mind . . .
A thing that's so hard to find . . .

People Of The South Wind

Anonymous said...

November 17, 2008 9:11:09 AM CST
biker mama wrote:

gotta love those short shorts and tube socks - hilarious...

Anonymous said...

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 02:58:00 +0000
B wrote:

Deuw (aka Scott-in-the-real-world)

That one was too funny!!! Hope you're doing well.

Take care,