Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 - and i rec'd a reply!!!

To:   the goat herd
Subject:   2 - and i rec'd a reply!!!
Date:   Mon, 26 May 2008 22:47:03 -0500

01/31/08: wow!!! i sure didn't expect a reply to that msg!!! and in just a few hours . . . i realize that this is just an automated server generated response

but somewhere out there (probably in france) someone had to write this reply letter and will eventually somehow sort thru all of the data collected. this is just too funny!!!


Date:   Thu, 31 Jan 2008 21:04:09 +0100 (CET)
From:   "Jon W. Kertuss"   jon.w.kertuss.2711@yahoo.fr
To:   "scottE"   scottE77777@yahoo.com

Dear Sir,

I received your mail. This is the informations that I want you to send to me. And I want you to send the reply to this mail for a security purpose of this transaction. Please don't waste time in sending the information.

Your name . . . . . . .
your age . . . . . . .
occupation . . . . . . .
telephone and fax . . . . . . .
country's name . . . . . . .
bank name . . . . . . .
account number . . . . . . .

And I will use this informations to fill the text of application as the next of kin of this benefitiary and I will submit it to the bank on your behalf as soon as I fill the text of application when you send the informations. Then I will get back to you. This is where the bank will transfer the money to you account.

Please we don't need to waste time because we don't have time to delay. Call me on 90 296 79 37 94 91 for more information. Send the informations immediately. I will be monitoring every aspect of this transaction on my own side. There isn't any problem on my own side and I'm giving you 100% assurance and I don't know on your own side. You have to give me a guarantee on your own side. Then I will make sure that the bank transfers the money into your account and you will confirm it that the money has reached your account before I will proceed to come to your country. Then I will gather the necessary informations that involves this and distroy it before coming to your country.

This transaction will last for 10 working days if you will follow my instructions and the secret must be kept to avoid problem. Secret is the success of every transaction. As soon as you receive this mail, let the informations be send so that it will enable me to fill the text of application and submit it to the bank on your behalf as a next of kin of this benefitiary. I do not need your money. I need where this fund will be transfered to your account.

I'm giving you an assurance that in my own side there will be no problem. I will monitor everything untill this money gets to your account. I do not know in your own side the guarantee that you will give to me when the money gets to your account.

Send the informations to me that i requested for. I will be monitoring everything here to see that the money goes well and the bank will make the transfer into your account. The little expenditure that will be done is between me and you. Reply me through this mail for security purpose. If you have any other question to ask, call me. 30% will be fore you while 60% will be for me and 10% will be for the expenditures that we will both make.

Thank you.


ooohhhhh i feel such pressure to respond immediately. there is not time to waste. who is this guy anyway? he can just go on and on repeating himself over and over again. can you say "courir sur la phrase" (ruen owen centenc)?

mr jon kertuss 
gets all excited 
when he thinks 
that he has a 
on his hook.

of course he wants bank acct info - little does he know that i have no money and i have no credit so good luck with that!!! are you ready for my reply . . .

Date:   Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:26:36 -0800 (PST)
From:   "scottE"   scottE77777@yahoo.com
To:   "Jon W. Kertuss"   jon.w.kertuss.2711@yahoo.fr

danged nabbit awl. i dun dint knowed thet u awl kneeded two kep awl thus hare a seekrit betwixt u n mee.

i awl reddy dun wint n teld mie grannee bowt awl thus hare munee thet u iz a gaven mee.

mie grannee now she iz a bet shellfish n wuz a thinken thet ifn i wuz two git 14m in a akount wit mie naime own et than i shood jest go ahaed n kep et awl. bet dunt u werry nun bowt awl thet now. 

30% uv 14 milleunz iz plentee nuff milleunz four me.

mie grate 
dun sum 
n sayed 
30% uv 
14 milleunz 
wood be 
four point 
two milleunz 

n i dunt need no more milleunz than thet.

i dun teld grannee thet wit mie cher uv thet thare munee, i kood go ahaed n paid four her hip replacen surgeree.

whi shoot i kood 
evan aford two bie her 
a bionikal leg 
wit thet manee milleunz 
n git her ep owt uv thet wheelchare 
sew she ken plante taterz.


heers thet thare infourmational thet u iz rekwesten

Your name . . . . . . .   
dilferd thedeus deuwthresher bet everbuddee jist kawlz me deuw
your age . . . . . . .   
sevendee threed comez maerch etteenth


occupation . . . . . . .   
moonshiener. ownlee the lockalz hare knoewz bowt mie bizness

bet i feelz thet i ken be a trusten u sincen thus iz awl sew seekrit like n awl

telephone and fax . . . . . . .   
threee lawngs n a showrt n than sarie-mae well put u thru. dunt got no faxamasheen


country's name . . . . . . .   
i duz lives owt en thu kountree. takes a left et brafordz big red barn

n travelz bowt a kupple uv milez n than u well be in pig swamp holler witch iz in west veerginee en thu US uv A witch stands four thu United Sowth uv Amerika

bank name . . . . . . .   

dunt trust no benks. i keeps awl mie coinz en a seerz n rowbuck mattreess

account number . . . . . . .   

caint find noe akount numberz own akount uv thus hare mattreess haz bin round lawnger than me. i inheritated et whin mie paw passt own two thu udder side two hiz reeward.
awlz i ken find iz jest thus 
ole tag 
thet iz a saein 
nut two remoove udder penalteez uv thu law. 
danged reveenuers awl waze 
a messin en everbuddeez bizness.

konfound et awl. i kneed two git a gowin four now. thet ole owneree kicken mewl haz dun bussted down thu barn dower agen n iz a high tailen et down thru thu holler. n thare iz thet good four nutten ole hownd dawg duke jest a lazin own thu porch a watchen thet mewl run.

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scottE-deuw said...

here is the original reply that deuw sent to mr jon kertuss written in deuw-speek:

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:26:36 -0800 (PST)
From: scottE scottE77777@yahoo.com
To: Jon W. Kertuss jon.w.kertuss.2711@yahoo.fr

dag nebit awl. i dun dint noew thet u awl neaded tu kep awl theis heer a sekrit twixt u n mee. i awl redee dun wunt n teld mi granee bowt awl theis heer munee thet u r a geivn mee. mi granee noew shee iz a bet sellfish n wuz a thenken thet ifn i wuz tu git 14m en a akownt wit mi naem owen et thaen i shuwd jist goe a haed n kep et awl. bet dowent u wuree nun bowt awl thet noew. 30% uv 14 milleunz iz plaentee nuff milleunz fer mee. mi graet grensun skeeter-deen dun sum ciferen n sed thet 30% uv 14 milleunz wuwd bea fower punt tu milleunz n i dowent nead noe moer milleunz thaen thet. i dun teld granee thet wit mi shaer uv thet thaer munee, i kuwd goe ahaed n pae fer heer hiep replacen sergeree. shoowt i kuwd evn aferd tu bie heer a bionikal laeg wit thet menee milleunz n git heer ep owt uv thet whelchar sew shee ken plaent taterz.

heersn thu enfermashunal thet u iz rekwesten

Your name . . . . . . . dilferd thedeus deuwthresher bet erbudee jist kawl mee deuw

your age . . . . . . . savendee thuree coem maerch etteanth

occupation . . . . . . . moowenshiener. owenlee thu lokelz heer noewz bowt mi biznes bet i fealz thet i ken bea a tresten u sinsen theis iz awl sew sekrit liek n awl

telephone and fax . . . . . . . thuree lawngs n a showert n thaen sarie-mae wael puwet u thru. dowent git noe fexamasheen

country's name . . . . . . . i duz leiv owt en thu kuntree. taek a leaft et brafordz bieg raed bawrn n travilz bowt a kupl uv mielz n thaen u bea en pieg swump hawler weast veerginee en thu USuvA whitch stends fer Unietd Sowth uv Amereeka

bank name . . . . . . . dowent trest noe benk. i keps awl mi koinz en a seerz n robuk matris

account number . . . . . . . caint fiend noe akownt numbarz owen akownt uv theis matris hez bin rowund lawnger thaen mee. i inheritated et whin mi paw passt owen tu thu uder sied tu hez reaword. awlz i ken fiend iz jist theis ole taeg thet iz a saein nut tu remoov ender peneltees uv thu laew. danged revenuers awl waez a messen en erbudees biznes.

konfownd et awl. i nead a git a goen fer noew. thet ole owenree kiken mewl hez dun bussted dowen thu bawrn dower agen n iz a hiegh taelen et dowen thru thu hawler. n thaer iz thet guwd fer nuten ole hownd dawg duek jist a lazen owen thu poerch a wetchen thet mewl ruen.

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Anonymous said...

i think i read about that yesterday on nyt

Anonymous said...

whats that all about