Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24 - by the by

To: the goat herd
Subject: 24 - by the by 
Date: Tue 7 Apr 2009 18:29:05 -0600

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Happee traelz two u, untell we meets agane.
Happee traelz two u, kep smilen untell than.
Hoo karez a bouts the kloudz whin whare twogetter?
Jest sangz a sawng n brang the sunnee waethur.
Happee traelz two u, untell we meets agane.


well now, good ole deuw sure a nuff did made 2008 a very interesten year fer me. "the 21st century global adventures of deuw" all began with that first spam email from mr jon kertuss on january 31st, 2008. at that time, i had no ideer what an amazen tale that this hare story wood become.

each of the 
whatever you want 
to call them, 
came from the bottom 
of a bottle 
of wine.

and as you've noticed by now, 
there are a lot of segments, 
chapters, episodes, whatever.

so many a bottle of wine was consumed 
during the writing of 
"the 21st century global adventures of deuw" 
for inspiration, 
inventive composition,                                    
humorousness (hiccup), 
comicalness (hiccough hickup), 
and cackling laughter (heehaw). 

there was many a time that i would hurriedly chug down a whole bottle just to get to the bottom of it and find out what hilarity deuw would present next. plus i found that it greatly helped to be in a wine-state-of-mind in order to write awl uv thus hare deuw-speek.

you probably 
right off 
deuw is 
the least likely character 
to ever win 
a spelling bee.

he writes 
"awl fonetikal liek" 

and if my spell checker had practically every word underlined in red then i felt that i had written down all of deuw's words correctly. here's something interesting that i observed early on: deuw is especially fond of the vowels "e" and "u" and for some reason never used the letter "y" - i asked him about that once and he got all hostile, not mean or angry but just very upset. he told me that he had his "reesunz n thoze reesunz wuz pearsunel" and he "dunt wont two tawk bowt et" and to "jist miend uwr owen biznes" so i've not approached that topic again. but he does just absolutely love the letter "w" - why he puts "w" into words like no one else possibly could. of course, i have noticed that since he rec'd that their dikshuneery from lil ms gennie-lou, hiz spielin uv werdz haz greetly emproved.

and through the writing of this story, deuw and i have become good ole drinkin' buddies - he sips his shine and i sips my wine and we just have us such a gewd ole tiem owt thare en pig swamp holler. we still get to laughen sooo hard bout awl tham thare krazee gowenz own. et awl iz jest sech a grate tiem. i hope you enjoyed!!!

cencerelee scottE-deuw

by the by, i also hoped that y'all enjoyed the music appreciation class of kensus toonz. 

it was so very interesten to see the various videos of their music spannin 20 years. 

youtube is amazen!!! why you ken jest fiend anythang owt thare own tha enternat.

and special thanks two 
lew dite 
four his kontreebeuwshuns 
spashell mewzik:

"clementine" in 13 - shuer nuff evree dae (deuw's mowest faveriet sawng)
"You Are My Sunshine" in 21 - after glow
"Christmas 2008 (At Home For Christmas Day)" in 2008 - tis the seesun ya know
note: you can find the links to his music on the blog under the side bar: places to visit / sites to see.

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mr. Bojangles 

happy trails to you 
i thinks thet i iz in luv wit belle star 

Kansas - The Wall  

the lyrics can be found in the "comments" section of the blog posting.